Report highlights challenges facing the UK when promoting human rights abroad

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The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has published a report examining the hurdles and opportunities presented to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) regarding human rights, and that the UK’s traditional approach to promoting human rights overseas is changing due to conflicting priorities between human rights and other policies, such as trade. The report calls upon the government to give more support to UK nationals in order to gain key positions in the UN as there has been a decline in the UK representation on human rights treaty bodies and recent UN election defeats.

The report states that, concerning the UK’s human rights agenda and its conflicting policy objectives, there is a perception that trade objectives are given priority over human rights, but human rights is in the UK’s long-term commercial and moral interest. The report urges the UK government to include human rights clauses into future trade agreements.

Source: Report: Human rights clauses should be included in future trade agreements