Right to Work

UK companies found to be employing a worker who does not have permission to work in the UK face significant Home Office penalties.

Right to Work: What do employers have to do? 

The law requires all companies to check and retain evidence of each employee’s legal right to work in the UK.

In our experience, companies generally recognise their duties under the Right To Work legislation and Prevention of Illegal Working, and typically operate with policies and processes to comply with those duties.

The problem companies encounter when trying to comply with the law is that UKVI frequently change the legislation. The guidelines are hard to interpret and very often changed without any announcements.

These are clearly onerous requirements on employers, and it becomes easy to see why the civil penalty regime is as lucrative as Home Office figures testify with fines of up to £20,000 per breach.

How we can help

HS Legal Solicitors specialises in supporting UK employers with their Right to Work compliance.

As a team of immigration lawyers and former Home Office employees, we provide the guidance and assurance to help you meet your duties on an ongoing basis through legal, analytical and information technology-assisted techniques.

We are also highly experienced in challenging allegations of Right to Work non-compliance and Home Office fines and provide policy advice and support, to ensure your policies meet the frequent changes in Home Office rules.