Lease renewals

HS Legal Solicitors lease renewals team offers lease expiry advice to landlords and tenants and complete support to clients involved a business lease renewal process.

Our Services on Lease Renewal

  • Lease analysis to establish whether the business tenancy is protected under legislation
  • Liaison with legal advisors to ensure the correct service of statutory notices
  • Inspection, measurement and analysis of comparable market transactions
  • Negotiations with the other party
  • Recommendations to settle or seek court proceedings
  • Issue of formal offers to settle, to protect a client’s ongoing court costs
  • Provision of expert witness reports and representation in court if required
  • Liaison with legal advisors over the terms of the new lease.


Businesses whose lease is covered by the Landlord and Tenant Act (1954) Part II have a legal right to remain in occupation after the lease has expired. Such commercial tenants also have the right to obtain a new lease on similar terms although the lease may be updated if appropriate.

However, there are certain exceptions where a landlord can refuse a new tenancy and reclaim the property from the tenant.

It pays to be prepared and a professional property consultant can help you with this. All Colliers International’s surveyors comply with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) best practice statements and civil procedural rules.

How we can help?

HS Legal Solicitors will negotiate directly with landlords on your behalf on lease renewals and terminations. We will ensure that all rent assessment requirements are met and help to secure the lease that works best for you. We can also give you advice on service charges when multi-occupied commercial premises are concerned. Our team has experience of negotiating terms that are in the best interest of our clients and will advise you accordingly based upon your circumstances.

If you have any specific questions or would like more detailed advice related to lease renewals, then please contact on 01206500181.