Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes can arise before, during or after a contract has been entered into. It is therefore important to ensure contracts are drafted comprehensively. Examples of such disputes include the provision of faulty goods and services, the pursuit of unpaid debts and recovering damages arising from breaches of business contracts.

Common reasons why contractual disputes arise

Our specialist contract solicitors can assist with all types of contractual disputes, including:

  • Issues arising from a contract review
  • Concerns around an offer you have made in a contract
  • Disagreements over the meaning of technical terms within a contract
  • Mistakes and errors
  • Fraud
  • Disputes involving business associates or employees
  • Disputes where a party does not honour their commitment under a contract


Once a dispute surfaces, we always encourage our clients to resolve matters quickly without resorting to litigation to preserve the contractual and business relationships. If this is not possible, we will take effective and where necessary immediate action to protect your position.