Criminal Defence

When facing an allegation of criminal conduct or behaviour, it is essential to get clear and transparent legal advice from experienced criminal defence lawyers who will protect your rights.

What is the criminal defence?

A criminal defence is a strategic argument that attempts to challenge the validity and sufficiency of the prosecution’s evidence. The prosecution is the party trying to prove the criminal charges against you.

Who is a criminal defence lawyer?

A criminal defence lawyer fulfils many important roles during the course of a criminal case. A criminal defence lawyer is responsible for defending a person who is charged with a crime. A criminal defence lawyer speaks on the client’s behalf.

What does a criminal defence lawyer do?

An experienced criminal defence lawyer will help you in many ways:

  • Evaluate your charges & evidence
  • Stop charges before they are even filed
  • Recommend a defence strategy
  • Work with the D.A. to negotiate a “plea bargain”
  • Assist you with the emotional aspects of trials
  • Give you objective insight into how the process works
  • Educate you on the laws & legal rules that apply to your case
  • Represent your case in the court where your case is heard
  • Understand how “prosecutorial discretion” affects your case
  • Compile evidence & witness statements important to the case
  • Identify and hire private investigators
  • Identify and hire key expert witnesses
  • Advise and negotiate the best sentencing or alternative sentencing options
  • Identify & explain any hidden consequences of a guilty plea

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