Tommaso Poli

Paralegal Executive

Tommaso obtained a Master’s degree in International and European Law at the University of Pisa in 2015. He obtained the highest grade in defending his master’s thesis ‘The individual between State and International Community: The Refugee’. Upon relocating to the United Kingdom from his native Italy, Tommaso also completed a Master’s degree at the University of Essex in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law graduating in 2017 with a merit. 

Due to his passion for academic studies, he was appointed as the Head of Academic Activities in the European Law Student Association in Pisa. His passion for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law led him to work for the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law and to assist the Special Advisor to the International Criminal Court in the area of reparations. 

In addition to this, he collaborated with Professor Steve Peers on his EU Law Analysis blog where he wrote on immigration detention and rule of law, and with Rights in Exile where he published an article on the requirement of proportionality in the interpretation of the 1951 Convention exclusion provisions. 

Tommaso is now the Immigration and Asylum paralegal executive at HS Legal Solicitors and he recently obtained the Immigration and Asylum supervisor (level 2) accreditation from the Law Society. Tommaso ensures that his passion for this area of the law translates into the work that he does for his clients and he strives to achieve the best results for all.  

Tommaso’s approach when dealing with sensitive and often pressured matters is to remain focused and clear headed throughout.