Whiplash Injury Compensation

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Do I have whiplash?

Whiplash refers to various neck traumas caused by the head unexpectedly and unnaturally jolting in any direction – damaging tissue in the neck.

What are the symptoms of whiplash injury?

Whiplash symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the precise circumstances in which the injury occurred. If you are experiencing or have experienced any of the following symptoms following an accident, you may have cause to make a whiplash injury claim:

  • Constant discomfort or pain in the neck area (pain severity can differ from case to case)
  • Painful twitches or twinges in the shoulders
  • Difficulty moving the neck due to pain or stiff muscles
  • Light-headedness, uneasy balance and/or slight tinnitus
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Loss of range of motion in the neck
  • Headaches, most often starting at the base of the skull
  • Tenderness or pain in the shoulder, upper back or arms
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Some people also have:
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Depression

It can take up to 24 hours for any signs of whiplash symptoms to kick in post-accident. Usually, these will only cause discomfort and pain temporarily but some injuries can last for months, even years.

Victims of whiplash injury will often struggle to drive, exercise or carry out any manual labour – meaning you could be required to stay off work until whiplash symptoms subside.

How long do whiplash symptoms last?

In the most common cases, whiplash symptoms will generally subside within a few months. However, there are instances where full recovery can take longer and in rare cases years, with symptoms of whiplash persisting on a long-term basis.

How much compensation for a whiplash injury claim?

The whiplash settlement will take into account any financial expenses that have arisen due to your injury, such as travel expenses, prescriptions, loss of income etc. You will also be compensated for the pain and suffering your whiplash injury has caused you. This payout will depend on the length of time your whiplash symptoms last. Since a full recovery can take anything from a few weeks to several years, it is difficult to give an exact figure for the average payout for a whiplash claim.

We believe it is important to judge each case on an individual basis to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. If you would like to know how much you will get for your whiplash claim, the best thing to do is contact us. It is completely free and you will not be obliged to make a claim.

Is it okay to make a Whiplash injury claim?

Of course, whiplash is a medical condition that can cause a considerable amount of pain, and have a significant impact on the sufferer’s quality of life.

You may even have to take time off work, which could leave you in a difficult financial situation.

You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering your whiplash injury has caused you, as well as for any financial losses you have received due to this.

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