Document Attestation

Solicitors Certification Attestation of Your Documents

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What is the purpose of solicitor certification for documents?

For a document to be considered legalised with the apostille, it is required to bear the stamp of an officially recognised institution or the signature of a public official or solicitor. Insufficient certification renders a document ineligible for legalisation.

Only documents that have been signed or stamped are required.

Several documents possess the necessary signature or stamp and do not necessitate additional certification. Some examples include birth certificates, marriage certificates, court documents, and HMRC letters, which are typically encountered.

It is not necessary to obtain the signature of a solicitor on these documents.

Legal documents require thorough examination and validation by a solicitor.

Certain documents require verification and certification by a solicitor. Typical examples include corporate documents, personal records, mortgage agreements, and academic or certification diplomas.

These documents are usually not signed by an officially recognised public authority.

Solicitor certification refers to the process of obtaining official recognition and authorization as a solicitor, which is a legal professional who provides legal advice, prepares legal documents, and represents clients in court.

Essentially, a solicitor will examine a document, subsequently appending a statement elucidating the purpose of certifying the document, and finally affixing their signature.

The certification added to a document will vary based on the document's nature and the purpose for which it is being certified. Under various conditions, a document can be certified either as a duplicate or as an authentic version. If you are having your signature witnessed, the solicitor will include the phrases 'signed in my presence' or 'witnessed by' to verify that they observed the act of signing the document.

Accurate execution of solicitor certification is imperative. It is crucial for documents to accurately state the correct information, be signed using the name of a solicitor rather than the firm's name, and clearly indicate the date of signing.