Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

We strive to deliver exceptional legal advice regarding your property matter, all the while streamlining the processes and alleviating the pressures associated with purchasing, selling, or remortgaging your residence. We maintain close collaboration with estate agents and other professionals in the field to guarantee that you are adequately informed at every stage of the transaction.


With the intention of reducing the stress and complexities associated with purchasing, selling, or remortgaging a residence, we are committed to providing you with superior legal counsel concerning your property matter. To ensure that you are sufficiently informed throughout the entirety of the transaction, we collaborate closely with estate agents and other experts in the field.

We manage:

  • Right to Buy 
  • Mortgages and Remortgages 
  • Sales and Purchases 
  • Freehold and Leasehold 
  • Buy to Let 
  • Shared Ownership 
  • Key Worker Schemes 
  • Auction-Based Purchasing and Selling 
  • Transfer of Equity 
  • Lease Agreements 
  • Tenancy Agreements 
  • Purchase of Freehold for Lessees 
  • Lease Term Modifications 
  • High Value Transactions
  • Real estate and remortgages

We ensure that mortgages and remortgages are processed expeditiously and effectively. Through the formation of solid alliances with mortgage brokers, building societies, and other real estate experts, we strive to maintain absolute transparency with our clients throughout the transaction. Our primary goal is to consistently mitigate any possible setbacks or complications that may occur.

Lease Extensions

A person who has been the lessee of a property for a minimum of two years is legally entitled to an extension of the lease. Legislation encompassing safeguards against unscrupulous landlords establishes the expense associated with lease extension. This may be pertinent when presenting a property for sale, given that extending the lease could potentially enhance the property's desirability and worth. We provide superior legal advice in regards to lease extensions.