Transferring Property Equity

Transfer of Property Equity

The residential property solicitors at HS Legal Solicitors are happy to assist with the transfer of property equity. Our phone number is 01206500181, or you can reach us via email at

We are at your disposal to provide assistance in transferring equity to another name in adherence to a divorce settlement or for any other valid reason.




HS Legal Solicitors' Residential Property Solicitors can assist you with the transfer of property equity. Call us on 01206500181 or contact us online.

Should you require our assistance in transferring equity to another name in accordance with a divorce settlement or for any other reason, we are available to assist you.



Equity equals the property's value minus the amount of the mortgage that remains unpaid. 

What is the transfer of equity?

A transaction in which legal ownership of a property is transferred but at least one of the original owners retains title is known as a transfer of equity. As an illustration, suppose a couple transfers the property into an individual's sole name, or suppose a person is added to the title.

It is typically much simpler than a sale or purchase, as there is typically no requirement for a contract and no searches or inquiries are conducted, as all parties have prior knowledge of the property.

What is the duration of an equity transfer?

What is the duration of an equity transfer? Transfers that are straightforward typically require five to six weeks, but each transaction is unique and can take a different amount of time. With a mortgage, the procedure will take an extended amount of time.

Where There is a Mortgage

A mortgage registration on the property will necessitate that you submit an application to your existing lender for approval of a "transfer of equity" application. As soon as the lender provides us with instructions and the application is approved, we will commence drafting the transfer deed, which officially governs the property's transfer. You will subsequently be sent this for your signature.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

It’s important to note that stamp duty land tax is sometimes payable on the transfer of equity transactions. Ask us about this, one of our property Lawyers will be able to advise you. Once the transfer deed has been executed by all parties, we will obtain any additional funds from you and/or your lender and proceed to the completion stage.

Once completion has taken place, we will apply to the Land Registry to register the new ownership of the property. Once the Land Registry has completed the registration, we will provide you with a copy of the title deeds and return any original documents to your lender for retention.