Sale or Purchase of Commercial Freehold Property

Sale or Purchased of Commercial Freehold Property

Regardless of the nature or value of the transaction, HS Legal Solicitors will ensure that your matter is handled by an experienced property expert if you are contemplating the purchase of a freehold commercial property.


If you are thinking about obtaining a freehold commercial property, HS Legal Solicitors will make sure that your case is handled by a skilled property lawyer, regardless of the type or worth of the transaction.

How can we assist you with the sale or purchase of a freehold business property?

Our commercial property team represents a diverse clientele of corporations and people in the United Kingdom, providing comprehensive advice on all aspects of owning commercial property. We acknowledge that these transactions entail various legal and business considerations. We will assist you throughout the entire transaction, starting from negotiating the Head of Terms and continuing until the contract is finalised.

Acquisition of a business property with permanent ownership rights

  • Individuals buy commercial properties for various reasons, such as: 
  • Gaining the freedom to modify the property according to their business requirements without seeking approval from a landlord 
  • Ensuring long-term security and control over the property 
  • Having the option to sublet unused parts of the premises 
  • Making an investment

Offering for sale a commercial property with freehold ownership.

If you intend to sell your freehold commercial property, it is essential to seek reliable and comprehensive legal guidance from the beginning to ensure a seamless sale process. Our team of legal experts specialising in commercial property will provide guidance and recommendations on the following matters:

A meticulously crafted Head of Terms should include the following elements: • Explicit provisions for warranties and indemnities • Thorough negotiations on the purchase price and restrictive covenants • Clear delineation of your rights and obligations concerning any current tenants Contract exchange and fulfilment

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We guarantee that your issue will be promptly handled by a seasoned property consultant, regardless of the type or worth of the transaction. We will ensure that a comprehensive and thorough investigation is conducted and assist you in navigating the procedure efficiently. Our proficient solicitors comprehend that these transactions encompass both commercial and legal matters and will support you throughout the entire process, from negotiation to completion. To obtain further information, please reach out to us at 01206500181.